Gardening During The Lockdown

Have you spent time in your garden since the lockdown began?  I know many people have including me. My veggies are thriving.  But what about the garden beyond the veggies?

I’d like to give you some tips for how you can create beautiful green spaces, for big, small or tiny gardens using Feng Shui.

In gardens, Qi is everything, as it is in your home. We want it to move, to allow life force energy to meander and flow, because when it does, it creates a stunning and restful place to be in.  When it’s interrupted it stagnates and doesn’t feel so good.

8 Ways You Can Bring Harmony into your garden to calm your anxiety, restlessness or loneliness. 

#1 Aim for curves in garden beds, pathways, and garden furniture. Round off sharp edges and corners, either directly or with softening overhanging leaves or creepers. 

#2 Create movement with bird attracting plants or those that move easily in the breeze. Hang an old fashioned bird cage for an exotic look. 

#3 For small gardens, repeat a limited palate of colours and plants around the garden to direct the eye from place to place. 

#4   Attention grabbing pots that are rounded or octagonal, will help the flow.  When placed strategically they will create visual interest and energy. 

#5 Mirrors are wonderful for creating a sense of spaciousness, light and magic.  When they reflect a group of interesting plant combinations, the effect can be stunning and expansive.

#6 Create a gentle balance between light and shade. Sunshades are great if the light is too strong.  Or alternatively, lift very shady areas with white, pink and yellow colours in foliage, flowers, pots, paint colours and trellises. 

#7 Create a focal point with a statue, a stunning tree, or a beckoning seat. A water feature works well (the South West is good for water).  But if you do not know the correct elements for your property be careful where you put a moving water fountain.

#8  Finally, perfume in a garden is a must to allow the breeze to gently carry it from place to place for that ultimate touch of bliss.  Choose ones your love for each season.