What Else Can I Throw Away?

It’s interesting that so much decluttering has gone on during lockdown.  I could  almost hear it happening around me in my neighbourhood as so many people have been spurred on by more time, and just being at home more often to see it. 

We all know how good clearing out clutter makes us feel after the initial emotional reaction. 

But I’ve been wondering about what else I am really throwing away as I do my clearing.  I’m sure I’m also clearing out some inner paraphernalia. Tough stuff and more of a challenge. 

There is an intangible energetic connection between our home and our inner selves. Our external environment, both in our home and in nature, reflects us. To first nations people it is us. There is no separation.

Interestingly  I’ve moved house several times and each time as I gather my things I realise that I’m carefully packing stuff that I haven’t used for ages. But for some unfathomable reason I still take them on to the next house! And there they sit unused again!

I know at some point I bought the objects for a very good purpose.

But I’ve  hung onto them more out of some emotional connection that I’ve forgotten or can’t even name and I think I can’t live without them.

But in fact they’ve outgrown their purpose and I  haven’t acknowledged it. Worse than that they’re draining me.

Now in the comfort of my home as I clean out some of these things, I want to know what deeper things need throwing out along with the actual objects.

What emotions, attitudes, belief and, habits can I let go of because they no longer serve or suit me?  

 What actions do I no longer want to take but haven’t been brave enough to admit it? 

What have I been  focusing on as very important that I that I now see as not that important at all?

I know many people are wondering similar things as we teeter on the edge of something new. When I see so many people around the globe suffering I can reflect on that as a way of discovering  answers as well.

  • What behaviours or beliefs do you want to throw away?
  • What have you discovered about yourself during lockdown that surprises you, depresses you, empowers you or makes you feel hopeful?
  • What have you missed and what haven’t you missed? 

So as you clean out your kitchen cupboards or your computer files, ask yourself the following questions;

What else can I throw away?   

What new beginnings am I making room for?

Then wait and see what emerges. 


image; ingridbeddoes.com