Workshops and Consultations: Feng Shui Your Year of 2021

Hi hope you are feeling so much better now that we are into a new year.I know for some the past year has  been very tough, while some others have managed much better. 

 I took time out during Covid to rest and enjoy a much needed recuperation after too much travelling and a bit of overload. If there’s anything this year has taught me, it’s that it’s time to hone my energy into what really works for me and change the way I consult.

Lockdown  was also an invitation for me to focus on the Feng Shui of my own home during renovations,  making sure that the new design reflected the way I wanted to live; bathed in nourishing flows of natural energy. It now feels beautiful and peaceful. 

But don’t worry I’m still here for you!

I am excited because during the lockdown I came up  with some new ways of offering you your Annual Energies Update to ensure your home is healthy, happy and prosperous in 2021!

Here’s what your New Annual Energy  Updates will tell you.

What part of your home will support you for success?
What part of your home will best support your wealth?
Where are the areas that should not be disturbed?
Who is likely to be very popular and find love in 2021?
Is 2021 going to be a year of change for you?
What part of your home is best for spending time in in the year of the Metal Ox?
What part of your home will reduce your energy levels?
Which door should you use most often?
How will your own energy be affected in 2021?
Who needs to donate blood to increase their luck in 2021? 

An Escape to Beautiful Maldon  

If you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram you’ll already have heard of my invitation to escape to my home town of Maldon for a fun and informative day of workshopping The Feng Shui of 2021.  The Year of the Yin Metal Ox.

You can book here. 

 Come and join a small friendly group  in a cool, lovely old building  in the heart of Maldon.  You can hear all about the new energies coming in on the 4th February and how to maximise them for your success and sense of support in 2021.   You will also learn about your Chinese Animal  for 2021 much more deeply that ever before. You will be served a delicious lunch from the local petit French Deli or Johnny Baker’s  Pastry shop in nearly Castlemaine.

At the end of the day there will still be time for exploring the village and doing some shopping with vouchers generously provided by the local shopkeepers who know you are coming.  If that’s not your thing there are art galleries,  a museum and beautiful  architecture to explore.

You can even choose to stay overnight in one of the many Air BnBs. But I should warn you to get in quick for that as we’ve been very popular since lockdown ended!  Call Jamie’s Maldon Getaways or go to AirBnB

Ring Jamie at+61 0408 108 087 


Alternatively,  the Official Air BnB site for Maldon has more cottages and houses available.–Victoria–Australia?af=43720035&c=.pi0.pk77035795197_388144846272_c_328785611226&sem_position=&sem_target=kwd-328785611226&location_of_interest=&location_physical=9071141&localized_ghost=true&gclid=Cj0KCQiA8dH-BRD_ARIsAC24umazr3phCMgsmraisAYkQoqIXxFdQfS4spFdYbQbVe-RvQElSbqA5f0aAvPREALw_wcB

Maldon is 1.5 to 2 hours drive from Melbourne so its possible to do it in  a day.

Here’s  more details.

Workshop- Feng Shui Your Year of 2021

Dates and Times

Saturday 16th January and Saturday 23rd January 10.00am -4.00pm

Saturday 6th February and Saturday 20 February 10.00am-4.00pm

Groups will be limited to 10.

Where? 35- 37 Main st Maldon. This is the premises of a local architect and  Art Gallery. When you book your place you’ll see a map of the location.

Cost? $230.00.  Our fabulous petit French deli, Le Sel will provide the delicious lunches for January.  February’s lunches will be a provided by Johnny Baker in Castlemaine, another really popular eatery.

This option is open to everyone.

Please advise me in a separate email if you have any dietary needs. 

Go here to book your place Option 2 

A Personal  Session in Maldon with Fran

Some people want to travel here but don’t necessarily want to be part of a group. 

Why not visit me in my home and I will do your home’s chart for you and go though your Feng Shui and astrology for 2021. This option is limited  to people who have already had a consultation with me.

You can contact me to make a booking here. 

Cost $120 per hour. 

Travel time approx.  1.5 to 2 hours from Melbourne. If you prefer to catch the train there is station in Castlemaine. Buses travel from there to Maldon. In some cases I can pick you up.

Option 3 

A  Zoom Session 

If you do not or cannot travel, we can make an appointment for you to have a Zoom session using your computer or your phone.  Together  we will go through your home’s new energies and astrology. I will send you the Annual Energy Chart beforehand so you can  write your notes in it as we go. This option is only available to those of you who have had a full consultation with me previously.

Cost $120

Contact me here.

Option 4 

I recognise that there will be some of you who cannot do any of the above options for various reasons.  In that case I will come and visit you.

This option is only available if your home involves no more than 2 and a quarter hours travelling for me and there will be a small extra charge for petrol. 

Cost $130  per hour. 

Contact me here

As I do every year, I offer you a chance to win a prize if you book into any of the above options by 30th January 2021. When you do, you go in the running for a 
Here in Victoria, cinemas are open again.  Woo Hoo!!

Book here now for the  Escape to Beautiful Maldon workshop.

Book here for a Private Session in Maldon

Book here for a Zoom Session