Feng Shui in Autumn

It’s Autumn, one of my favourite seasons.  As you may know, Feng Shui is the practice of aligning elements in your home to optimise energy flow, ensuring a supportive and harmonious house.

When we do this we are aligning with the natural world around us.

 It’s time to see how we can do that in our inner lives as well as our homes now, to bring us energetically into sync with this season. 

Here’s some adjustments you can make to honour Autumnal time and reflect on its energies. 

Autumn is the time for letting go. 

As the leaves fall from the trees, so too is it a time to think about what we can let go of too. Both physically, mentally and metaphorically. 

Are you holding on to a belief that has run its course and now just causes you pain and stress? Are you holding onto the anger you’ve carried for a long time? Or maybe your  need to be right all the time is affecting how you relate to others.

What about the trust you might’ve had in someone who is clearly sabotaging that trust? Time to have that chat.

What about the fear you cling to instead of  making a new change? 

Letting go means letting go of things that are holding you back.

Physical things can weigh you down as well. Ask yourself what ‘stuff’ can go? I don’t like it but………Hard to do? Yes and yes again.

One solution I heard the other day is to take a photo of the object that you are struggling with. You don’t want it but it was a present from Aunty so and so. Take a photo as a memento and give the object to someone who will love it.

Then you might find you can let go of some of those more difficult fears and stubbornness. And if you do, you’ll find you can move forward. Even if it’s just a tiny step, you’ll feel good.

Here’s some more things to do to bring  you into sync with Autumn.  

Rearrange your furniture to let renewed energy into your rooms. Even small moves will give you a sense of renewal. 

Tidy up the indoor plants and remove the dead and dying bits. 

In the garden dead head the flowers and remove leaves from gutters because they all represent stale qi. 

Finally Autumn, in the 5 elements system, represents  with the lungs and large intestine. These are the Metal parts of the body and can be more sensitive in Autumn. Make sure you have a check up if you have any problems in these areas. 

Enjoy this time. 

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