Online Workshop-Using Feng Shui For Building and Renovating Your Ideal Home

Feng Shui brings to house design many of the same common sense principles that architects do, in particular its focus on light, fresh air and space.

But it also introduces another dimension, one which recognises that our building has a presence beyond the obvious and which impacts us physically, emotionally, mentally and even financially.

Come and see how it can work for you on 15th June online via Zoom when I run the first of 3 workshops on building and renovating so you can create your best possible home.

When you design a new space using Feng Shui you are shaping  both common sense, good design and a knowledge of how these other forces can be harnessed to help you create a fantastic outcome. If the design of a home creates a strong match between you and your house then it’s as if it sings in harmony with you and your family. Everything flows.

If you are thinking of building a new home or renovating a current one, this series of workshops will offer you many aspects to consider so that your design maximises the positive potential of your spaces. Thats’ because  Feng Shui principles included in your designs recognises  your own needs and lifestyle habits, gender, marital status,  personality and more.

What will You Learn ?

  • the importance of the design of the house so that entrances, doors and important rooms capture the most vibrant energy to enliven your circumstances and contribute to your health and well being.
  • that choosing the most significant orientation can make the difference between prosperity and debt.
  • how the choice and location of bedrooms and beds can contribute to each family member’s sense of belonging and ability to reach their potential.
  • how the architecture can help or hinder the flow of beneficial qi contributing to the way family members feels in the space and how they relate to each other.
  • how wealth can be enhanced by locating active rooms where they can enjoy the most positive, smooth  invisible flow of energy for wealth and good relationships.
  • the role of the fridge, toilets, stoves and plumbing in the quality of your life!
  • stories of how both good and bad designs have impacted on the people living in them.

By attending this workshop you will understand why it/s never a good idea to wait till your house is completed to call in a Feng Shui consultant.

Incorporating the principles of Feng Shui into the design from the beginning  means that potential troubles are lessened or dissolved completely and your life can begin on a strong, secure footing.

Using Feng Shui For Building and Renovating Your Ideal Home

Where? Online Via Zoom

When?  Tuesday 15th June

              Tuesday 22nd June

              Tuesday 29th June

Time:  10.00-11.00am each Tuesday.

Cost $89.00

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