A Six Month Annual Checkup For The Year of the Tiger 2022

Are thinking you missed out on setting up your home for the year?  You know, it’s not too late.

That’s because,  if you put the cures and remedies in place now, your next 6 months could be much better.

Whatever you plan on doing in the next six months of 2022, there is a part of your home that can support you to achieve your dreams and goals.
I’ll let you know how to activate them, and to work with the positive energies, of which there are many.
Even the challenging ones can be turned into positives when you know how. 
You’ll learn where the energy hotspots in your home are, and how to harness them for creativity, relationships, health, wealth, career and joy.
You will also find out what to expect from your Chinese Animal.  At this time of the year there’s still time to make use of their lessons and guidance for greater success and even to help explain what you’ve experienced so far this year. 
The cost is $110 per hour for this 6 months consultation. For most people it takes a little over an hour. 
You will need a to- scale floor plan of your home. 
These checkups are for Zoom only.
If this is for you, fill in the form below to register and I’ll get back to you with a date and time that suits you.
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