Your 2024 Destiny Calendar for Success

My 3 Victory days were so powerful. I felt like I had heaps of energy and really did feel unstoppable. Caz, Langwarrin. 

I am excited to offer you the 2022 Destiny Calendar which is part of an ancient system of divination called Qi Men Dun Jia.

You can use special dates of the calendar to improve your life, career, business, relationships, health, sports or healing. 

The calendar identifies your personal  days in the month that are calculated to bring you success more easily and quickly, when you take action on those days.

What’s It All About?

Destiny Calendars rely on the principle of divination that calculates significant moments in time called The Golden Moment Advantage

These powerful days put you into a positive growing vibration.  And in conjunction with your own efforts, you can find solutions and solve problems more easily.

The calendars are  unique to you. You can use them for activities like choosing the best day for applying for the job you want, manifesting what you want, launching a new business or product, speaking persuasively, winning court cases and much much more!

First Used to Win Wars

The Golden Moment Advantages were initially calculated by Masters and military strategists in ancient times to help Emperors win wars in their kingdoms. When it was put into operation, this system drove forward the Emperors’ plans of attack so that they could not fail.

 Emperors were the only ones allowed to use this divination system.

If commoners were caught using it they were executed!

Now this divination system has grown in popularity and travelled to the West.

How Do The Calendars Work? 

The calendars show you what’s known as your 3 Victories.  Each of your Victories  is clearly identified in the calendar for you along with an icon that is linked to the kinds of activities you can carry out on that day.

 Your 3 Victories are linked to three favourable directions, one for each Victory.  I calculate these for you based on your birthday and when they appear in my full Qi Men Dun Jia calendar, I know they are yours to use. 

Sometimes more than one VIctory appears together on a single day. When all three of your Victories  land on the same day, you will feel unstoppable!

The 3 Victories have names like Chief, Life and Heaven but our calendar simplifies them to Receiving, Manifesting and Winning. These names capture the essence of each kind of day.

On Receiving days you can tap into the power of self healing, having a massage or clearing  negative thoughts or limiting beliefs from the past. 

On Manifesting days you can ask the Universal Qi to make things happen and happen faster.

On Winning Days you can use the energy  for court cases, new job applications,  competitions, to win over others with your persuasive ideas,  or use it in any venture that you want to be really successful in either that day or some time in the future.

I woke up on my 3 Victory Day feeling very dizzy. Yet despite that, something was still driving me forward. I managed to clear out lots of clutter and made some really major decisions for my life. Kerrie, Ballarat.

I  missed out on a Lomi Lomi massage when I was recently in Hawai and was very disappointed. But on my  Victory day a client offered  me  a Lomi Lomi unexpectedly and completely free! Trudi, Frankston

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