My Feng Shui Story

Every transformation has a pivotal moment.

I was vacuuming the carpet when my moment happened…… So I missed half of it!

It was all taking place on the radio in the next room but it wasn’t until I switched off the vacuum cleaner that the voices penetrated my brain……..’entrances, long narrow hallways, qi, balance, harmony……… ‘

What was that all about?

I’d always been interested in how houses ticked. I’d played in a big cubby at the side of our house till I was 12 (how embarrassing! All my friends had moved beyond cubbies).

As an adult I was very aware of the impact of my surroundings, how an atmosphere either worked or didn’t, how I either felt good or didn’t. I was prone to rearranging furniture until it was just right and I loved the way that the new placements could change not only the feel of the room, but the behaviour of the people who lived there.

At the time of the radio episode, I was living in a home I’d bought with my two children as a single mother. The previous lot who’d lived there were a wild bunch, bringing home stolen cars and spray painting them new colours. They would set fire to rubbish next to the fence, terrifying the neighbours. And the young woman who lived with them earned money from prostitution in the front bedroom at night!

She left the porch light on all night and many a car silently came and went.

Back to the pivotal moment…..The radio voices I half-heard that day, belonged to an interviewer and a Chinese Feng Shui Master discussing something called Feng Shui. Fascinated, I soaked it up, annoyed that I’d missed so much.

Life went on until a second, stronger pivotal moment happened several years later. While sitting with a friend over coffee, he slid a magazine across the table and said, ‘Here’s something that might interest you. ‘ It was an article on Feng Shui.

That word again.

Totally hooked, I raced to the library and borrowed every book they owned. Time stood still and zen took over as I read and read, calculated, analysed and applied the principles amateurishly to our home. It led me to questions like,

Why was I attracted to a house that had been so dysfunctional?

How were its energies affecting the health, happiness and prosperity I wanted for myself and my children?

Well the answer was simple. I realised I had a survival mentality. I was trapped in a thinking that said there was ‘never enough’ and I didn’t deserve any more. I had a job at a University, but my self confidence was not strong. Nor was I brave enough to change to a more abundant life. I frequently had to regretfully say to the children, ‘No we can’t afford that’

I didn’t know then that I wanted to become a Feng Shui practitioner for a living. Nor did I know there were such as thing in Australia. I just knew I wanted to know more. And I wanted to transform my life.

Our little house would help me.

My desire to change, lead me to find the money to hire a Feng Shui consultant. She could tell I had already changed the energy to a certain extent but she pinpointed specific Feng Shui things I needed to do to dissolve some disharmony and conflict in the invisible qi, and what I needed to do to activate some really good wealth qi.

I followed her advice and the house immediately felt lighter. Over the next couple of years our circumstances improved immeasurably. I found courses and workshops I needed, to move beyond my limited thinking and at the same time my salary increased along with my self confidence. Gradually my children, moved into their own premises and their own successful lives.

But the big win was that I felt brave enough to take a huge risk and fulfill an ‘impossible’ dream; to go and live in Italy for 8 months. Before I left, we put the house on the market. On the day of the auction, four separate bidders competed against each other. The house sold for far more than anyone had expected! Triple what I’d bought it for 10 years earlier.

They all loved its energy.

What a change from the dysfunctional house it had once been. Now 12 years later I run my own successful Feng Shui business, have travelled the world and been able to help many others move towards a more fulfilling, abundant life.

The Feng Shui treatment of that one little house has brought me a much more adventurous and satisfying life. Nothing can beat the feeling of knowing that your environment can be a catalyst to help you become the person you are meant to be. ________________________________________