There are many reasons why you might choose to experience 5 STEPS TO HARMONY Process.

  • You are feeling blocked and not able to move forward to greater levels of success.
  • You are confused and need clarity and a new sense of purpose and direction in an area of your life.
  • You want to make sure that your home is as supportive as it could possible be for yourself and your family’s wellbeing.

The 5 Steps to Harmony Process takes you from where you are now to where you want to be. You see, when the energy in your home flows smoothly, your life flows too. The smoother the flow, the happier and more successful you are.

The story  of what is holding you back is written in your home. The clues are hidden in the landscape, in your set up and in invisible energies patterns in your environment.  But Feng Shui understands the clues and its ancient wisdom can release blocked energy or stops energy leaking in your surroundings. The outcome is that  you feel lighter, newly refreshed, motivated, energized and excited by life. And like many people before you, new experiences of prosperity and abundance can come your way.

To start making this happen together, I need a to scale floorplan of your home and the year it was built plus details about any extensions you may have done to the home. The process involves 2 onsite visits.

Here is what you will experience.



Learn the fascinating story your building tells about its mysterious past,  its alignment in space and time and the forces that are impacting you and your life.

In this vital first step, I assist you to get clarity about where you are and what you want. An assessment of your property identifies the hidden blockages and negative energy patterns in your surroundings that are  leading to your confusion, frustration or lack of energy. You’ll hear the fascinating tale that reveals exactly how your home’s energy map works and you’ll probably be surprised and fascinated at what it reveals about the experiences you’ve been having. With careful analysis we will pin point the specific areas that are the primary source of disharmony and you’ll even know which individual family members  are most likely to be affected.


Receive an illustrated, personalised report to guide you through the exact principles and factors you need to implement in order to rejuvenate and harmonise your space.

Whenever we want to transform our lives, the  clearer the guidelines the more powerful the result. In this stage we focus on the specific areas in your home that need activating or balancing and you will be guided on what you can do to create the fresh feel you want. Using the carefully crafted report, you will learn how the surrounding terrain sends particular kinds of energy to your property both inside and outside. It illustrates where to place items, colours, materials and shapes that will help shift the energy and shield it, where necessary, so you feel more at ease. The recommendations will not interfere with your own preferred style and aesthetic but add vitality and have  the effect of lifting the energy and your spirit.

These solutions are custom designed especially for you. They reflect your relationship with this particular house at this particular time. You can read books on the subject, but no two homes are the same. Each has its own unique energy map and surrounding environmental factors, including roads, landforms and buildings.  Each occupant of a home has their own element too, and the objects and forms in your environment  affects each person in different ways.There is no such thing as a generic treatment that applies to all homes.

Included in this stage are:

  • 2 onsite visits each approx 2 hours.
  • Advice on colours, shapes and materials to balance and activate your spaces
  • Activation of primary and secondary wealth areas
  • Identification of best doors to use to activate prosperity
  • Furniture placement and alignment in particular placement of beds, desks and couches
  • Identification of best areas for sleep, study, career and wealth.
  • Assessment and treatment of Annual Energy influences
  • Space Clearing to identify disturbed metaphysical and geopathic energies
  • Illustrated report arriving a week to 10 days after second visit.
  • A blessing.
  • Follow up support for 1 month via email or phone.

After this step;

  • Gain clarity and understanding about how you can change the look and feel of your living spaces
  • Feel your excitement grow as you get set to make simple and easy to make changes to the relevant parts of your dwelling.
  • Enjoy the clear guidelines in a beautiful report which inspires enthusiasm at this important stage.


Learn clever, simple things you need to do to create amazing spaces that look beautiful and make you feel alive.

With Fran’s support you will have a lot of fun putting the suggestions into place and feeling the difference they make. Feel your excitement grow as you make easy and simple changes to the relevant parts of your dwelling.

As you transform your home into beautiful, flowing spaces, it begins to have a magical impact on your own inner world too and you enjoy more peace, clarity and sense of possibility.

Without even knowing the home has had a Feng Shui treatment friends often comment positively on you So too, the behaviour of family members often changes for the better.

Hear how others have experienced change at this stage.

“Many people who have come to our home recently have noticed a difference in its energy. The changes I have made are subtle but powerful and I was able to apply the Feng Shui to suit our own preferred tastes and style. It has brought us to a new level of contentment and we feel like we are better people as a result. Thank you Fran!” Kathy Grant. South Yarra.

“The most helpful change has been the softness that now pervades the house and the flow on improved relationship between my son and myself.” Julie Louise Miller, Castlemaine

“I have been meaning to email you about the wonderful flow of energy that the girls and I are experiencing since the Feng Shui of our new home.” Norma Budinski, Bulleen.

“I feel like a weight has been lifted and have actually been more productive in my business. Paula Scarmozzino,” Northern Naturopathic Centre.

After putting in a water feature outside her home office, where she runs her business.  Gen texted:

“Feels great! I love hearing the water. It’s changed the feel of the whole room. It’s so much better! And the phone rang all morning!” Gen, Melbourne Bayside District.


Adjust and fine tune your space to build the energy and maintain proper flow for prosperity.

As you feel the power of living in spaces that are more aligned to you, you will readily pick up on the hidden clues that you hadn’t noticed before. With your growing awareness, you will come to understand how the blockages in your home’s energy flow have been holding you back from living a more prosperous life.

You will be more motivated to keep fine tuning the spaces  because now you have greater awareness. For example, you may come to realise that a particular picture on a wall has been contributing to your sadness.  Or that a large piece of furniture is making a room feel oppressive. Removing these obstructions to positive energy opens up new feelings of satisfaction and growth inside you.

Not taking your commitment to this level means that you may inadvertently miss out on this growth spurt in your intuition and spiritual connection.

This step leads you to;

  • Have greater awareness about the energy in your space
  • Be more attuned to the effect of your environment on you.
  • Strengthened committed to your own growth.
  • Feel uplifted spiritually and an expanded sense of possibilities.

Fran, since your visit, the back area of my garden has been totally redesigned and been replanted with some tall trees (bigger than me) and new plants. And now of course I can see the whole garden, rather than have a separated hedged garden room. Made me wonder how sometimes we block our own light from others. I have struggled ‘being seen’ authentically and have been perplexed why, given my experience and the warm regard and appreciation others have for me and my work.  Julie Miller Castlemaine.


Live the good life by maintaining balance and harmony with changing energies over time so you can live with vitality, clarity and prosperity in a nourishing environment that fully supports you.

Living in a home where your spirits are uplifted means you are more likely to take action to realise your goals and dreams. Your home will be a haven to return to, helping make you stronger, happier and more at ease with the ebb and flow of life.You will live with greater feeling of abundance and feel more ‘at home’ within yourself.

Now that you continue to build on your commitment to a healthy home, you will have the opportunity to work with the changing solar and lunar cycles of energy over time and to adopt annual adjustments to balance the energies for ongoing security and harmony.

After this step the kinds of things you may experience include;

  • Your life flowing more smoothly.
  • Renewed clarity, sense of purpose and optimism.
  • Experiencing more ‘happy coincidences’ such as meeting just the right person to help you achieve your aspirations, or you’ll follow your intuition and it leads you down an unexpectedly good path.
  • Greater resilience: able to deal with challenges more easily and with less turmoil.
  • Deeper connection to others because you are more ‘at home’ with
  • More confidence and sense of control.
  • People who drain your energy fade out of your life.
  • Attract more opportunities into your life.
  • Manifest what you want more easily.

Following Fran’s visit — the energy of the house has ‘balanced’ and ‘lifted’, generally making it a nicer place to live. By implementing Fran’s suggestions the place is much calmer and my son’s aggression has mostly lessened. My husband issues with females at work have resolved and the dead tree overlooking our house has been removed. There is a sense of joy and fun throughout the house and we are all more relaxed. Kirsty Traill, Essendon, 2016.

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Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling your home you want to ensure it sells quickly and for the best price possible.  This special service is available for those who want to incorporate Feng Shui principles to give an energetic boost to their sale.

I help you achieve this boost by showing you how you can balance the qi in the home.  With small, subtle changes and by specifically activating the wealth sectors you can achieve big results. Learn more >

Pre purchase plan

Booking a Pre Purchase assessment before you buy a home is like getting an assessment of a car before you buy. A Feng Shui check provides insurance against a poor investment, troubles and regret.  It gives you peace of mind that this home will be the best buy for you and a great place to live for years to come.

Learn more >