3 Tips for Fabulous Flow

Today I want to give you 3 Tips for creating flow that will work instantly. They’re especially powerful if you are feeling flat.

Tip #1 Creating Joy

In her best selling book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo advises us to only keep possessions that ‘spark joy’. Yes! When we look at something in our home and it makes us annoyed,  flat or irritable, that doesn’t spark us to feel more alive and joyful at all. Instead it only DRAINS OUR ENERGY.

So today, look at your possessions. Look at one of your possessions and ask yourself this question.

When I look at this object, does it make me feel good?
Does it express my energy?

Does it make me feel annoyed, irritable or even depressed?

If the answer is YES to the last question, then let it go. OK you may need to keep the grumpy looking couch till you can get a new one, but put it on your list to replace as soon as you can. Just making the decision will make you feel better. Letting things go will do far more for you than you can imagine.

Tip #2 Empty Space

Sometimes when I ask a client to remove a picture from a wall or a piece of furniture that’s cluttering up a room, they will say in panic,

What can I put in its place? ” My answer invariably is ‘Nothing. Leave it empty.”

You see, empty spaces are part of the secret to creating flow in a space. With empty space to travel through, qi can move more easily around a room, positively affecting your mood, energy levels and health.  Here’s a trick with a bookcase to practice on.creative bookshelf ideas-Youtube

Instead of cramming a bookcase to the hilt with books and objects, take half of them out and leave little pockets of emptiness here and there. That frees up qi to lead the eye around the shelves and objects better, creating a buzz of energy at the same time.

Image; familycircle.com

Tip #3- Curves

Curves in a room are are the X Factor that makes all the difference. Group together your rounded decorative objects and furniture so qi can flow happily around them. I have a a room with curvesPinterest Board called Flow and this is one example of a room that mainly uses curves and soft furnishings to create a restful, yet energised feeling.

Image: daniellawitte.blogspot.com.au