How My Renovations Changed My Life

The first time I experienced the power of Feng Shui and became convinced of its effectiveness, was when I renovated a house I was living in during the 1990s.

I was a single Mum with 2 teenage children, doing it tough financially and struggling mentally and emotionally, even though that wasn’t the face I put on to the outside world. I loved the house because I could see its potential. It was a 1950s building with great light and space. But I also knew it had a dubious history of owners who’d all had financial problems and one lot had even had activities going on there that were drug and prostitution related. (That’s story for another day.)

I had become interested in Feng Shui and was convinced that our environment contributes enormously to our lives. In particular I knew that the front door is really important and can have either a negative or positive impact. Mine was dark, too small, set back in an alcove awkward to get into. A consultant had calculated that the invisible energies coming from its North direction were for blockages, money problems, drug-taking and general misfortune. Not good.

Renovation Time

When my mother lent me some money I decided to change the angle of the front door towards the Northwest, which in this house, ( not for all houses ) meant that the energies it was now hopefully going to attract things like happy events, money, joy and good relationships. I also brought the door  forward out of its dark alcove and  enlarged and painted it so that now it was much more visible and attractive.

Then the lovely new energy began to flow our way…..

Over the next few years our circumstances changed. I received an unexpected windfall, gained a promotion at my work and earned much more money. I attracted the right people into my life to help me deal with my health and confidence, and our house became a happier place to be, both for us and the friends who came our way. When I finally sold it, it brought a far higher price than anyone had imagined.

I was so pleased, and thankful that my hard work had paid off. I felt vindicated in my belief that our environment effects the harmony and good fortune of our lives.  Feng Shui really did help me turn my life around.

If you’re looking for answers and positive change in your life, it could be that you need to address the Feng Shui of your house.  Give me a call, or drop a comment here and we can talk about a Feng Shui consultation for you.

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