December Feng Shui Energies

December Feng Shui energies moved in on the 7th December and stay tiil the 6th January.

The Centre of your home or office will need some Water colours of black or dark blue as the ruler of the month, the 7 metal, combines with the Annual 1 Water to produce some negative reactions. They can be animal bites, short temperedness or robbery. Make sure your security system is in good working order.

The best areas to spend time and to activate in December are the Northwest and the Northeast. You can put your christmas tree in these locations of your chosen room.The two areas to really try to avoid are the South and the East. The West is much better than other months but still needs some balancing.


Good wealth prospects for the main breadwinner and good career advancement and luck with real estate. A small water feature or black or dark blue colours and wavy shapes here will boost these energies. There could be some stomach problems though. Add in a small bit of metal or Chinese coins to reduce this possibility.


Great for artists, writers, students and academics this month in the Northeast. Singles could also experience romance luck. Put in some water colours of black and dark blue as well as pairs of objects such as mandarin ducks to promote the romance.


Great for fame and recognition as well as all round family luck. Add in a healthy plant to boost it to the West of your home or office. But if you find there is family bickering between generations, add in an earth element such as a crystal ball.


If your front door lies in the East, just avoid using it this month. There are lots of reasons for this . Put your bell here and ring it often to help reduce money problems, bone problems, and problems of the legs, feet and hands, especially to young people


The South is already under the influence of the 5 yellow star for misfortune. Now the 2 star for sickness moves in, making this a strong negative area in December. Keep this area very quiet and do not put your Christmas tree here. Its flashing lights, its shape and activity will stir up the negativity. No candles here either.  Avoid using doors here and do not slam them or disturb the earth. Put your baby calabash here or a group of round metal objects.


This is a mixed sector in December. It”s great for a students undertaking exams or for writers. Romance could be in the air but beware of charmers or third party interference in a marriage. Injury due to sharp objects could occur, so take care. Place some water colours here of black or dark blue to smooth over the negativity.


The combinations here for the month can bring possible windfall gains, especially for the eldest daughter. But often they also bring in rebelliousness between fathers and sons. Watch your heart and have your blood pressure checked if necessary. A square earthen pot here or some yellow colour as well as some crystals will help support the 6 metal that is under attack from the 9 Fire.


There could be some difficulties for teenagers especially if their bedrooms are in the North, this month. There is also potential for headaches and accidental injury. Enter competitions to reduce the negativity of the monthly 3 Wood and check all documents before signing. Add in a small amount of red colour.

Here’s a guide to the compass degrees for each sector. To apply them to your home, stand in the centre of the house with a compass and imagine lines extending out from the compass sectors into the rooms. Using the range of degrees below, identify which rooms fall into which sectors. They will form a pie chart. Some rooms will fall in two sectors. Try to place the cure in the North of the North or South of the South etc, if you can.

North Sector: 337.5 — 22.5 degrees

Sector: 22.5 — 67.5 degrees

East Sector: 67.5 — 112.5 degrees

Southeast Sector: 112.5 — 157.5 degrees

South Sector: 157.5 — 202.5 degrees

Southwest Sector: 202.5 — 247.5 degrees

West Sector: 247.5-292.5