The Salt Cure

Step by Step Recipe for The Salt Cure

STEP 1 Use a glass container, either a round one or even a large jam jar.

STEP 2 Fill it to 3/4 full with rock salt. It can be ether white or pink.

STEP 3 Place 6 Chinese coins in a circle on top of the salt with the yang side facing up. That is the side with the 4 Chinese characters.

STEP 4. Place the jar on a terracotta saucer.

STEP 5 Fill with water to cover the coins. This activates it.

Do not put a lid on the container. Leave in the open, not inside a cupboard.

You can be discreet with it by hiding it behind a piece of furniture, plant or picture frame.

Over time the salt will build up on the container, depending on how much negativity is in your space. It is fascinating to watch it ‘grow’. It begins around the inside edges and then spread around the top and can even travel down the outside. Keep the water topped up and avoid touching it with bare hands. Do not chip off the salt.

Where to Put the Salt Cure

This year the North direction can attract negative energy for obstacles, accidents or legal problems, especially if the North is disturbed by renovating, building, digging, drilling or lots of loud noise. You can take precautions with the Salt Cure placed in the North. But disturbing the Earth is definitely to be avoided as well.

Disposing of the Salt Cure

Next year this same energy will come to another location . You will need to throw out all components of this Salt Cure and create a new one for the new location. Put everything, including the coins and saucer into a strong bag and into the bin, preferably outside the house on collection day.

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