October 2018 Monthly Energies

The October 2018 Monthly Energies move in on the 8th October and stay till the 6th November.

The ruler in the centre is a Metal energy which is great for your career and money. However it conflicts with Fire of the year in that position. This can make things somewhat unstable and may not be so good for heart conditions or lung problems. Take precautions if you already have issues in these areas. Focus on the good things coming in and smooth the way with some black, dark, blue or charcoal colours for Water.

October 2018 Monthly Energies

The monthly energies are at their strongest in active areas, namely the front entrance the bedroom, family room and your office. Activate the positive energies here by using doors frequently, open windows and use the area as well. For more challenging areas keep them uncluttered, quiet and use them less often if you can. 

The most positive sectors of your home or building in October are the South, West and Northeast.

The most challenging are the Southwest, North, East with the Southeast being mixed.


The South becomes a area of wisdom, great financial acumen, success in artistic endeavours and writing. So if you are writing a book like I am, ( on Chinese Astrology and Relationships) its a good month for progress or to have it published! You could find yourself travelling or gaining fame from overseas. Spend time in the South to bathe in this energy and to activate it.


Your wealth area for the month resides in the West. It’s great if you are involved in realestate or making money from your private read estate. Definitely make sure you open windows and doors here to activate it and spend time here. There is a sickness energy for the year but this visiting Earth energy 8 can weaken it. Put water colours here of black, dark blue, charcoal or grey to assist the wealth potential.


Wealth, promotion and fame can be achieved as a result of the 9 Fire and 3 Wood coming together this month. Great for children studying too. But clean up and tidy this areas of your home or office, because friction could occur and arguments or legal issues arise. No red colour, or other Fire element. Water colours of black, dark blue, charcoal and grey are best.


Watch out for legal issues and arguing in the SW, the area of the female, so women are the ones like to be affected. Do not have important discussions here and be careful not to be involved in risky sports as leg problems can occur too.


The North is the place for your baby calabash or a group of round metal objects to reduce a strong influence for sickness. If your front door is here avoid using it this month as the Annual 5 yellow is here too. And when it joins with the 2 Earth, the combination is very indicative of money problems, hold ups and health problems. Keep the area uncluttered and very still.


The monthly 5 Yellow lands in the Southeast where it joins with the Annual 8 Earth. The 8 Earth can often temper the 5 but this influence fluctuates. The two together can also signal strong sickness, so its best to avoid the area. Put your bell here and ring it every day to reduce the negativity. Its’ not a good place for children to spend time either.


The 7 Metal in the East is good if you are involved in public speaking. it can be good for romance and travel.  But this energy is also associated with blaming, arguing and cheating. Add water colours black, charcoal dark blue and grey.