July 2019 Monthly Energies

July Monthly Feng Shui Energies flew in on 7th July.

The Ruler of this month is a Metal energy that loves being with the Annual 8 Earth energy in the centre of your home. Together they create both romance and wealth as well as what’s known as “Fortune on the Mind. If you spend time here and clearly state what you desire, the energies will help support you to realise them. You do need to take action though because effort is always needed to manifest what you want.


The most positive areas for the month land in the West and South. The most challenging land in the North, Northeast and Southeast.

Remember that the energies are at their strongest in the most used areas; the front entrance, bedrooms and office.


The West receives energy for Wealth, and Prosperity this month and it joins a beautiful Water energy for good financial acumen, knowledge and wisdom. Together they work well to foster good reputations and fame as well as opportunities to advance your career. Watch out for difficulties in business partnerships though and if your bedroom, front door or office is in the West it could trigger difficulties with kidneys bladder and genital health. To protect the middle son in particular, bring in a group of round metal objects.


More emphasis on wealth and fame occur in the South offering you opportunities to travel as well. But watch out for gossip, legal problems and arguments and avoid becoming embroiled in them because that is only likely to make things worse. Add a little bit of red colour to the South to burn off the negative aspects.


The Northeast already has the Annual energy for sickness. Now the 9 Fire moves in to make it even stronger because the Fire energy makes whatever it links up with stronger. That applies to both good and challenging energies. Lots of metal is needed here. Put a large metal object in your Northeast plus some metal colours of white, silver or gold. Avoid using doors here if you can and put extra care into your health and fitness. The youngest son is the family member most likely to be affected but everyone needs to be careful if the Northeast is a main area of your home.


The East is good for literary and academic success so students and writers can spend time here. However bedrooms in the East could be a place of relationship problems so put a remedy of Water here. That doesn’t mean real water but Water colours of black, dark blue, charcoal and grey. They can be in cushions, decorative objects, throws or artwork for the month. This should help reduce the possibility of colds and flu but of course take other precautions as well.


Put a bell in the Southeast and ring it often this month to counter the challenging energy of the 5 yellow which can bring obstacles and accidents. Remember that this is already an area that should be kept quiet with no banging, digging, drilling or renovating. It is advisable to be extra careful about avoiding these activities this month.


The Southwest is where the Annual 5 yellow resides and now 3 Wood joins it to create a space that is particularly challenging. Financial difficulties, gambling, arguments over money are associated with this duo so avoid discussing your finances here and go to West of your house.
Young males should avoid high risk sports and be careful to avoid speeding when driving.  This is another location that is to be kept quiet, with no digging, banging, drilling or renovating during 2019.


The 7 Metal moves into the Northwest this month and leads me to advise you to make sure your Fire alarms are in good working order or that you work safely with Fire. People with serious heart problems should avoid the Northwest if possible. This is the 3rd area that should not be disturbed with renovating, digging, banging or drilling. Kept it very quiet and do not spend time here if you can avoid it. If your front door is here in the Northwest, try to use another door.

Image Harlowe James